Knight in Shining Suit By Jerilee Kaye

Knight in Shining Suit By Jerilee Kaye
Knight in Shining Suit By Jerilee Kaye

Buy Knight in Shining Suit By Jerilee Kaye

Genre- Fiction, Romance

Blurb- Get Up. Get Better. Get a Better Man.

A love story about pain, betrayal, getting better, getting even and falling in love all over again.

Chasing “ever after” is a rollercoaster ride. But every tear, every pain and every laughter is worth believing that fairy tales still happen in real life.

Review-This book is one of my all time favorite. I first found it in wattpad and I fell in love instantly, its a beautiful story it has the perfect balance that keeps you coming to more. I had to buy to keep it with me always, my library wasn’t complete without this one. And I’m planning on buying the paperback copy. That’s how much I loved this book. I can’t wait to get my hands on the spin off Taming A Princess.

Review- frankly speaking i was not into Reading, more into movie type of person. but KISS changed me completely. Haha. It was recommended by my best friend back in 2013, n i have been in love with KISS ever since. I cant stop reading it so finally i decided to buy the ebook and keep this fairytale with me while im in the search of my own Ryder.
Love you Ryder!
And for you Jerilee, thanks for this amazing Story that makes me believe in Ever After and give me Hope.

Review- I love this book! Absolutely a joy to read!

It took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions! One minute I was mad at the fiancé, then I was laughing, and then I was crying, and then I was falling in love, and then I was crying again and then I was laughing again!

No other book has done this to me! The emotions I felt were real. The female character whined so much at first, but that was VERY BELIEVABLE! I would whine and cry too and be buried in a pitiful pit if that happened to me! Heck, my girlfriends were more pathetic than Ash when they got dumped by the loves of their lives. The fact that she was on a low-time low made me feel for her more and made me cheer for her when she was pulling off her revenge charade.

Ryder Van Woodsen is an absolute prince charming! Any girl who wants to fall in love has to read this book and meet Ryder Van Woodsen!

This romance is highly recommended for anybody looking to fall in love and be taken into an emotional rollercoaster ride.

I have read Jerilee Kaye’s Intertwined on Wattpad too and it was so intense and deep. Totally different and yet totally lovable! Her books are worth the sleepless nights!

I did not see grammatical errors on this book at all, contrary to what the other reviewer mentioned. I must have the latest edition.

This book contained the first chapter of Taming a Princess, which is the spin-off of the book. Sounds really promising!


Knight in Shining Suit By Jerilee Kaye
Knight in Shining Suit By Jerilee Kaye


Knight in Shining Suit By Jerilee Kaye

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